Unintentional Land Cult Creation

So I have not been posting any new entries lately, even though I have many in the works in various stages. Instead I have been going back through previous entries as I have time to make video versions for accessibility. I will link my YouTube channel below if that is easier to follow me that way if you are visually impaired or are trying to listen to content on your commute. I warn you I am not a very natural YouTube personality. I am also embedding all the video versions of the blogs right in the old entries. I may not be updating too much more for awhile now though. The next month I have some personal changes in my life and I may not have space to record video until the dust settles, or time. We will see. Anyways, I wanted to give you a new post at least before I disappear. This post is a  true story that I thought you might enjoy. You may know that I love hiking. I often have formed reciprocal bonds with Land Spirits in places where I frequent. One of these places is a trail in the

Sigrblót and Other Heathen Holidays Colouring Pages

I have been working on some colouring pages for the Heathen holidays Sigrblót, Midsummer, Winter Nights, and Jól. Just in time for Sigrblót! Please use them for your families or gatherings. All are free to use and share them for non-commercial purposes! For more Heathen resources for practicing Sigrblót with your family I recommend checking out fellow Canadian content creator, Jennifer Hartman at Pagan Kids! She has an excellent blog post about Sigrblót which I will link below. Further Reading "Sigrblót for the Family" by Jennifer Hartman Image Sources Images are my own and may be reproduced for non-commercial purposes.

Sigrblót in Modern and Traditional Heathenry

You may have read my last post on Sigrblót and Lunisolar Reckoning, if not you can find it [here] . It is not vital to understanding the following post, but if you are interested in the topic of Sigrblót already it might be of interest to you. Sigrblót has not really taken off as a Holy Day in modern Heathenry, oftentimes assuming that it is about Victory in raids and battles, but also most modern Heathens who do celebrate it tend to celebrate it as Victory over Winter. Both of these takes on the celebration probably historically had some truth, and I would add that we can perhaps learn even more about it by understanding the Lunisolar calendar in juxtaposition with the Gregorian Calendar and by examining modern folk traditions in Scandinavia. In modern Scandinavia the word “Sigrblót” is not one used for any Spring festivals. (I am using Spring here in the scientific sense of any dates between the Vernal Equinox and the Summer Solstice.) The closest link we have to Sigrblót in modern